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Why should you be using the BCC option in business email?

Email is, without a doubt, right up there with the invention of the wheel… and espresso machines.

However, it can be something of a double-edged sword in the wrong hands. From hitting “reply all” after a lengthy gossip about a co-worker (Seriously, if you haven’t committed this crime yet, be patient, you will!) to sending a picture of your cat to your CEO – it is not without its dangers.

Sending business emails to multiple recipients without using the BCC option is another technical blooper that can be avoided.

Why should you use the BCC option when sending bulk business emails?

Firstly, for the benefit of those who don’t know, BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. (The words carbon copy harking back to the days of yore when people used actual carbon paper to make duplicates. How did they get through their day?)

BCC allows you to send the same email to multiple recipients without them seeing the names or email addresses of each other.

This is an incredibly useful function in business communication.

Consider these scenarios:

You are sending an updated price list to all your distributors. You enter al their names and details in the To: field and hit send. Aha, now they know that you also supply XYZ Company and they know what their rivals will be quoting. Not an ideal situation
You send an email to your list of clients in a specific industry. However, one of them is a bit crafty and copies all those email addresses into a file, and sells it online. It happens!
You send a special seasonal greeting to your clients with the heading “Dear Valued Client” and don’t use the BCC option. All your clients see all your other clients’ names and email addresses, and their status as a “Valued Client” is somewhat diluted. Now they don’t feel special at all.

Also, it makes you look seriously unprofessional.

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