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Automation and Connectivity – Office Trends to Look Forward To

We’re all about office automation. We revel in helping you steal back your time from the back-breaking and tedious monotony of traditional tasks such as paper folding, stuffing envelopes and addressing your direct mail.

But look around. Office trends are shifting, and the traditional office is changing. Automation has given us the freedom to spend more time on people tasks. Technology has afforded us the freedom to work from home (or the local coffee shop.) Strides in communication allow us to sell, meet, chat or network from our phones.

So, what does the future hold for the “office worker”?

Thought leaders in office automation, furniture and office design and are having a serious rethink about the way forward. Are the traditional chairs and desks becoming obsolete? What does the modern office worker actually need? If we can work anywhere, why would we come to the office?

A tall order indeed.

Office Trends Coming Your Way

We’ve all been used to having our own desk and coffee cup, but the modern office is tending toward something a little different.

For example, what about creating office furniture to cater to specific needs? A larger desk where group work takes place would suit a collaborative team, and a comfortable and informal nest of sofas would be ideal for strategy sessions or brainstorming. More private than the coffee shop, and more comfortable than squeezing up at a single desk.

Office furniture manufacturer, OFM Inc, has developed a brilliantly comfortable chair with built-in USB ports and electrical outlets for your laptop – which bizarrely always seems to be on 23%.

Other companies are working on designing cosy pods where workers can hide away and get stuck into complex projects. The treadmill desk also seems to be gaining popularity. Who’d have thought?

Furniture aside, there is a definite need to cater for the plug-n-play generation. How many coffee shops do you see with free Wi-Fi and strategically placed plug points? While we’re on the road, we need to recharge and connect – it’s that simple.

Indeed, the office of the future is set to be an exciting one. What is your office like? Are you stuck in yesteryear, or are you surging ahead with the trends?

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