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Address printers, explained

As beautiful as hand written letters are it is nearly impossible to write the address on thousands of letters over and over again. This is no longer relevant in this day and age, especially if you are having to distribute hundreds of envelopes every day. You can avoid getting a cramp in your hand by getting address printers. If you do not know what they are then you are about to find out, address printers, explained.

Although many people prefer to communicate via email the postal service is certainly not null and void. Thousands of letters are delivered to homes and businesses every day. Home owners can still get away with hand writing their addresses onto their own envelopes. This is not the case if you are in charge of a large corporation. It would be pointless to hire someone to hand write all of the addresses when you have access to the fantastic technology of address printers.

How exactly do address printers work? Quite simply they have been programmed to be able to print on different sized envelopes, in different areas and take on varying volumes. Once you program the machine with the correct address, where it should be placed and any other details that are necessary it will begin to print. You are guaranteed to have the correct address printed in the right place every single time. There are three different volumes of address printers that you can choose from. You are aware of how big your corporation is and how quickly you need to turn over work and documentation, which will determine what volume printer you need. You have access to these three volumes:

  • Low volume, which can produce 0-60,000 envelopes
  • Medium volume, which can produce 60,000-150,000 envelopes
  • Large volume, which can produce 150,000 plus envelopes 

What are the advantages of having an address printer?

With the postal service being unreliable at the best of times it is necessary to make sure that all of the information on the envelope is correct. As the address will be printed on the envelope in clear writing, no issues will arise from untidy handwriting being misread. Making it that much more difficult for the envelope to arrive at the wrong address. This will in turn assist your company to keep up the productivity of your business at all times.

These machines are so fast that you no longer have to worry about being set back. If you get an important documentation that needs to be sent out at the last minute, these machines will help you accomplish that. Some of them are able to print up to 30,000 mail pieces per hour. With this technology by your side you no longer have to worry about missing your deadlines.

Getting your hands on address printers that are fast and reliable is simple. All you need to do is get in contact with us. Here at Mail Mech we have all of the mailing technology you could ever need under one roof. To view our wide range of products, including the address printers, visit our website

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