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5 Office Decluttering Tricks: don’t forget the value of letter sorters

If you are feeling like you are drowning under paperwork, it may not be the workload that is the problem. You need to discover the 5 office decluttering tricks that can get you out from under that mountain. You will find that items like letter sorters will also make the world of difference.

When it comes to your office space, a clean one will help to create a clean mind. Here are 5 office decluttering tricks that can assist you:

  1. Find machines that can assist you: firstly, some of the cluttering could be caused by not having the right machines by your side. Letter sorters can help you to sort out all of those letters that have been forgotten about on your desk. These need to be sorted and sent out as quickly as possible. Letter sorters can certainly help you to do this, and will assist everyone else in the work place too.
  2. Re-arrange and re-organise: when you first started working for your company you probably had everything you needed in the “exact spot”. Over the years this may have become null and void. It is time to re-arrange and re-organise your desk. Get rid of anything that is not absolutely necessary. If you want to keep personal items on your desk keep it to a minimum.
  3. Tame cable spaghetti: there are always going to be cables, linking up to your computer but they do not need to turn into “cable spaghetti”. All you need to do is get a “snake”. This invention, clumps all of your cables together in one long tube. It is safe and will keep everything organised. Remember to label your cables first before using the snake, so that you know exactly where everything is.
  4. Hidden storage: you can make space by figuring out ingenious ways to get more storage. Look online to discover some interesting tips and tricks. Remember to take into consideration the space that you are dealing with. Hidden storage should help you de-clutter, not take up more space.
  5. Clean up every night: throughout the day you will find that, you will accumulate some mess on your desk, no matter how organised you are. To stop it from becoming a problem, clean up every night and also give your desk a wipe down with disinfectant to get rid of the germs.

There are a number of other life-hacks that can assist you in your office space. Once you have achieved these 5 consider looking into, trying to increase your workspace where possible. Also give every item a home, so that it can remain in its place at all times.

Getting the right machinery

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