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3 benefits of sorting machines

So what are sorting machines? They are part of the mechanical postal revolution, meaning that they are designed to make things easier. What these machines do is they expedite and automate mail processing. They were originally used by the postal service, but they are now used by companies to make sure that their mail gets sorted before it gets posted. It saves a lot of time. Companies can also use it sort out the amount of oncoming mail that they have and separate that so that once again no time is wasted when it comes to the task of sorting out mail.

Way before this happened, the mail sorting was done by hand, and the mail was slipped into different pigeon holes within the postal service. The postmen would then make sure that the post got to its destination, based on where it was placed. The advent of the semi-automatic sorter though brought a lot of change to the way that the mail was being dealt with. The new sorting machines were divided into an upper and lower section and had a conveyor belt as well as five sorting keyboards. What the operators did what they read the destination on the letter and then keyed the code in so that the letter could be correctly sorted into the correct mail chute. This machine could sort over fifteen thousand letters and hour.

Today, mail sorters are all mechanised, and computerised. There are machines that read the destination of the mail, then print a barcode on it. This barcode is then read by another section of the machine and depending on what it says, the mail is forwarded appropriately. This saves a lot of time and effort especially for big firms that do not employ staff to sort through their incoming and outgoing mail.

The benefits

The main benefits of these machines are that they are fast, can be used inside companies, not just postal offices, and that they sort both incoming and outgoing mail. They would not be nearly as useful if they did not allow for both the incoming and outgoing mail to be sorted.

The outgoing mail sorted of today can process about fifty five thousand envelopes per hour. The systems can also scan and archive mail if necessary. The machine is equipped with MLOCR technology that can read both hand written and computer print.

The incoming mail sorters can sort not only letters, but also parcels as well. These are commonly used in industries here a lot of mail is received. They can process between five hundred and ten thousand units per day.

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