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2018 Office Trends – To Print Or Not To Print?

We ask the up-and-coming, millennial-age generation who wouldn’t dream of using a printer, to block their ears/eyes for a sec. Threats of a “paperless society” may be excused for being ignored as ‘cry-wolf’ since printers and the strong preference for A4 over A3 paper, are still mission critical in offices the world over.

Office trends notwithstanding, there are plenty printer functions that may even outlive their printer-paper status.

You gotta love the acronyms. In the world of printing, they come into their own. ‘MFP’s – multi-function printers or ‘MFD’s – multi-function devises and ‘MPS’s – managed print services (more on that in a bit) to name a few.

Bet you haven’t heard of ‘BYOD’ (bring your own device)! The latest office trend – and hardly surprising in today’s world where executives jet-set all over the place, is PFA (print-from-anywhere) capability. Installing devices in a company or home office from which multiple devices can be integrated to wirelessly scan or print is taking off.

MPS outlets have mushroomed and are supported by the MME’s and SME’s and the EE’s (entrepreneurial enterprises). Outlets boast state-of-the-art printers with CISS (Continuous Ink Supply Systems). In time though, they may be relegated to antique stores as printing becomes web-based and cloud-integrated (WBCI).

Understandably, all the big players, HP, Xerox, Lexmark and the like have been working non-stop to develop technologies in the face of the inevitable decline of the trusty old printer-and-page systems.

With the aforementioned office trends abounding, we can only imagine what emails in the future will look like: “Hi, are you still working with MFP or are you MFD compliant? You requested BYOD so I’m assuming you have PFA capability and WBCI. Kindly advise soonest.”

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