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Anatomy of Direct Marketing – Tips for 2020

We forget that direct marketing these days includes digital marketing, which makes it very exciting. 


Tips for 2020 cover all the bases to ensure our marketing campaigns give us a great ROI (return on investment). The goal is to generate customers and these tips will generate a steady stream.


  • Direct Marketing 2020 Tip #1 – The List


Your database should carry lists of those with whom you’ve had previous interchanges. Let’s call that compiled information. But nowadays it’s possible to get a geographic list of residents within range of your business.


  • Direct Marketing 2020 Tip #2 – The Offer


This is the watershed that will dictate the success or failure of your campaign, so pay attention. In Bob Stone’s “Successful Direct Marketing Skills” he illustrates how the same offer can be put a few different ways:


  1. Half price!
  2. Buy one – get one free
  3. 50 percent off!


Despite saying the same thing, consumers perceived No. 2 to be the most attractive offer and pulled 40% better than No. 1 or No. 3. 


  • Direct Marketing 2020 Tip #3 – The Text


Write good copy, or get it written for you and let people know what they are going to save. Make it easy to read. Short sentences work. Headlines matter. Get them wanting what you have to offer. Build excitement – have challenges, competitions like a ‘first 10 responders’ reward.


  • Direct Marketing 2020 Tip #4 – The CTA (Call to Action)


Don’t be subtle here. This is where you spell out what they need to do – no guessing. Use imperative verbs such as “call now”, “find out more”, “visit a store today” or “click here for your next step.”


The key is always to engage people, so they feel they’re special and are dealing with a person who cares. Instead of designing a “submit” button in the case of direct digital marketing, for example, say “Talk to us” or “Let’s do it!”. The same can apply for newsletters or emails. That’s the language of the people. 


Use it unashamedly to your advantage and may your 2020 direct marketing tips bring you every success.


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