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5 Tips to Creating a Great Email Newsletter

If you’ve been more of a paper mail sort of company and you’re thinking of making the move to digital communications, then you’re probably considering a regular newsletter.  A monthly or weekly email to your clients with interesting updates, topical information, or special offers is a great way to stay front of mind. 

But with the flood of spam, news, views, and clickbait, how can you create an email newsletter that is going to get read?

The Foundation of a Great Email Newsletter

While there is tons of information on the web to guide you in creating the best ever newsletter, we’ve found five points which are a great place to start.

Why are you sending a newsletter?

If you want your readers to feel like they’re getting something of value, then you need to unpack why you are sending this mail and what your goal is.  

Are you highlighting special offers? Are you offering useful information to educate them? Whatever your reason for sending your email, make sure that it’s relevant to the recipient, exciting and easy to read.


Ideally, our messages should be less self-promoting and more educational. That is, of course, unless we are sending special offers. 

We want to offer something useful to our readers, and not just tell them to buy.

Focus on headlines

How many of us either delete or open an email based purely on the headline? The headline carries a heavy burden of responsibility for the success or failure of a campaign, and care needs to be given to creating an emotive and exciting opener. 

Have a single call to action 

We know that we don’t have much time to hold our reader’s attention, so making your message short and snappy with a single call to action is a great idea.

What do you want them to do? Book a call? Go to your product page? Whatever it is, make sure it’s clear and unambiguous.

Be concise

We are flooded with messages daily, and we tend to automatically filter out what is important and what is not. An email with short sentences, bullet points, and powerful imagery will fare better than a wall of text. 

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