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5 Benefits of Production Scanners


Production scanners eliminate the labour-intensive task of rummaging through a ton of paperwork to find a particular document. Soft-copy backups mean that you can easily search, archive and retrieve your documents using your computer or phone from the central electronic storage drive.

Save Time and Money

Where clutter kills productivity, document scanning streamlines file access across the board and saves valuable time because files can be retrieved quickly and easily without staff members having to leave their desks.  

It’s estimated that 90% of information still remains in paper form as each day more documents are being produced or photocopied, which makes document management a substantial task, not to mention the amount of personnel required to handle it all.

When it comes to cost-saving benefits of production scanning you are not only able to save on your staff quota, but you also eliminate the need for paper storage. Think of how much office space you can free up by ditching the filing cabinets. And, if your business rents space to store files or uses a third-party company to organise them, digitising your paperwork makes for an even bigger saving.

Increased Security

Information stored electronically can be kept securely online using a document management system which allows only authorised personnel to access it. Not only can all file activity be tracked but your documents are now also protected from theft, fire or flood damage.

Increased Audit Compliance

Digital filing makes it easier for your company to fulfil any legal and regulatory obligations related to compliance due to the fact that the documents can be indexed, organised and produced quickly to meet the demands of even the most stringent auditor.

Environmentally Friendly

With more and more companies adopting a green office mindset, the benefits of production scanners aren’t just good for your business, they benefit the environment too by cutting down on paper wastage, saving large amounts of trees and ultimately making a valuable contribution to restoring the health of our planet.

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