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3 Business Tech Trends For Small Businesses

Traditionally, small businesses haven’t been quick to adopt new technology. This is because innovative business tech is often expensive and requires a small team of people just keep it running smoothly. For the average business owner, the cost and complexity of business tech puts it out of reach.

Over the last few years though, we’ve seen more and more software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions being developed specifically for SMEs. This is fantastic news for small business owners because some of these solutions can immediately start increasing sales and efficiency.

Here are 3 that you should investigate today:

Sales & Marketing Automation

Automation is a game changer. Instead of employing people to do menial but necessary tasks you can set up sales and marketing funnels that do that work automatically. Business tech like InfusionSoft is easy to set up, integrates with your other software systems and can send emails, SMSs, schedule calls and track marketing campaign results.

Messenger Chat Bots

Another money saver is the use of Chat Bots in your sales process. These days people are glued to their phones and would rather place an order or request a quote straight from Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. By using business tech like Mobile Monkey or Many Chat you can use Artificial Intelligence to create automated responses to queries from potential customers…all without any coding knowledge. This is a big trend in 2018.

Software-as-a-Service is Now Small Business Tech

The SaaS industry has long ignored the small business market because of its poor uptake with technology. Many business owners are too comfortable with old-school systems and shy away from change.

This is changing at a rapid rate in 2018. Cloud computing services like Microsoft’s OneDrive or the Google Drive are now being used by SMEs to store business data and share files amongst teams. POS, accounting and online sales systems are becoming commonplace and business owners are benefitting massively.

Don’t be left behind. If you aren’t using business tech and your competitors are, you’ll be less efficient, more expensive and have less leads becoming in! These solutions have been designed for companies like yours and don’t require expert knowledge to implement.

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